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The main features are as follows:

1、The shape of the whole machine is more modern;

2、Using diesel engine, strong power, low fuel consumption, high reliability;

3、The market-tested, mature and stable chassis is adopted to ensure the interchangeability and reliability of the transmission system;

4、The monitoring system adopts the intelligent instrument of the international famous brand company, which has higher reliability and more accurate and intuitive display;

5、Adopt international well-known brand Hella brand headlights, which is more reliable;

6、The injection-molded instrument panel is beautiful and more user-friendly; the air conditioner and instruments are installed in the instrument panel, which saves space and improves the maintainability;

7、The operating system is ergonomically designed, and the joysticks are concentrated on both sides; the joysticks more suitable for human hands are used to improve the comfort of operation;


Detail Information

整机 Overall尺寸 Dimension5140×3388×3032 mm
操作重量 Operating Weight17000 kg
发动机 ENGINE型号 ModelWeichai WD10G178E25
类型 Type水冷,直列,4冲程,直接喷射 Water-cooled, in-line, 4-stroke,direct injection 
缸数 Number of Cylinders6
缸径×行程 Bore × StrokeΦ126×130 mm
排量 Piston Displacement9.726 L
额定功率 Rated Power131 KW (178HP) @1850 rpm
最大扭矩 Max Torque765 N·m @1300 rpm
最小耗油量 Fuel Consumption214 g/kW·h
TRANSMISSION液力变矩器 Torque Converter单级单相三元件 3-element, 1 stage, 1 phase
变速箱 Transmission行星齿轮型、动力换挡、强制润滑 Planetary gear type, power-shift, forced lubrication
中央传动 Central Drive Shaft螺旋锥齿轮、一级减速、飞溅润滑、单级减速  Spiral bevel gear, single-stage speed reduction, splash lubrication
转向离合器 Steering clutch湿式、多片、弹簧压紧、液压分离、液压操纵 Wet, multi-disc, spring loaded, hydraulically separated, hydraulic control 
转向制动器 Steering brake湿式、浮动式、直接操纵、 液压联动  Wet type,floating band structure,foot brake with hydraulic booster
终传动 Final drive直齿二级减速、飞溅润滑式2-stage speed reduction of spur gear, splash lubrication
速度                      TRAVEL SPEED档位 Gear1st2nd3rd
前进 Forward0~3.29 km/h0~5.82 km/h0~9.63 km/h
后退 Reverse0~4.28 km/h0~7.59 km/h0~12.53 km/h
类型 Type八字梁摆动式,平衡梁悬挂结构  Sprayed beam, suspended structure of equalizer
托轮数量 No. of Carrier Rollers2 each side
支重轮数量 No. of Track Rollers6 each side
履带板数量 No. of Track Shoes37 each side
履带板类型 Track Shoe type装配式单履齿 Single Grouser
履带板宽度 Width of Track shoe510 mm
链轨节距 Pitch203.2 mm
履带中心距 Track Gauge1880 mm
接地比压 Ground Pressure0.067 Mpa
液压系统 HYDRAULIC SYSTEM最高工作油压 Max Pressure14 Mpa
油泵类型 Pump TypeGear Pump
流量 Displacement243 L/Min
工作油缸内径×数量                              Bore of Working Cylinder110 mm × 2
铲刀类型 Blade Type直倾铲 Straight-tilt Blade角铲 Angle Blade半U铲 Semi-U-blade
铲刀容量 Blade Capacity4.5 m³4.3 m³5 m³
铲刀宽度 Blade Width3388 mm3970 mm3556 mm
铲刀高度 Blade Height1150 mm1040 mm1120 mm
最大铲土深度 Max Drop Below Ground540 mm540 mm530 mm
最大倾斜 MaxTilt Adjustment400 mm400 mm
三齿松土器              THREE SHANK RIPPER最大松土深度 Max digging depth 572 mm
最大离地提升高度 Max lift above ground592 mm
重量 Weight of 3-shank ripper1667 kg


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