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A self-loading concrete mixer is a unique concrete mixing machine that is widely used in the construction industry around the world. Many unique models of self-loading concrete mixers are available in the market, each having its advantages and disadvantages. All types are highway and all-terrain machines that is widely used in the construction of canals, residential, commercial, industrial buildings, and other construction applications.

Features of Self-Loading Concrete Mixer

One of the important features of a self-loading mixer is its easy operation. Because of its self-loading design, it can automatically produce and transport concrete on-site.
Other features of a self-loading concrete mixer are mentioned below.
1. A self-loading concrete mixer is a multi-functional machine that is capable of self-loading all the concrete ingredients, mix, transport, and discharge.
2. Self-loading concrete mixer generally possesses a four-wheel-drive system that gives high traction to help the machine work in very soft clay site conditions.
3. It has a hydraulic-driven drum that offers high rotation that facilitates effective mixing operation. Once the mix is ready the drum can be lifted for fast and effective discharge of concrete.
4. The self-loading mixer has a metal bucket that enables the operator to load raw material to the drum.
5. The loading and mixing operations, the speed, and direction of the drum are all controlled from the cabin of the truck
6. A self-loading concrete mixer can be easily loaded in big trucks and transported to any long-distance construction site. This feature makes it suitable for small, narrow, and isolated construction sites.


Detail Information

Overall performanceUnitValue
产品型号Product Model
发动机型号Engine Type
Yuchai 4105  Turbocharging 
发动机功率Engine power(KW)KW85
罐体容积Drum Capacity(m³)6
有效容积Valid output(m³)3.5
车体长*宽*高Overall dimension Length*Width*Height(mm)mm6150*2700*3350
轴距Axle basemm2450
前轮距Front wheel basemm1680
后轮距Rear wheel basemm1680
卸载高度Dumping heightmm1400
离地最小间隙Minimum ground clearance(mm)mm290
整车重量Total weight(KGS)KGS8000
理论燃油消耗Fuel consumption (Theoretical)L/HL/H8.0-10.0
最大行驶速度Maximum drive speedKM/H25
罐体转速Tank rotation speedTurn/minute18
罐体旋转角度Tank rotation angle°270
驱动桥 Drive Bridge
big hub reductor
变速箱 Gear box
轮胎尺寸(前)Tire Dimensions (Front)
12R22.5(Double  Tire) or 16/70-20(Single Tire)
轮胎尺寸(后)Tire Dimensions (Rear)
制动距离Braking distancemm1000
发动机油容积Engine oil capacityL13
液压油箱容积Hydraulic oil capacityL120
液压油型号Hydraulic oil typeLNo. 46 efficient wearable       
燃油箱Fuel tankL120
工作水箱Water tankL750
小水泵排量Small pump displacementL/MINUTE150
大水泵排量Big pump displacementL/MINUTE150
转弯半径Radius of turning circle
铲斗容积Bucket capacity0.6
变速箱油型号/容积Transmission oil type/capacityLNo. 8 transmission oil/50
车桥齿轮油型号/容积Axle gear oil type/capacityLNo. 18 double curve bight/3.5
轮边减速器齿轮油牌号/容积Hub reduction gear oil type/capacity
No. 18 double curve bight/1.8
双胎轮胎气压Double tire pressureBar10
单胎轮胎气压Single tire pressureBar6
气罐压力Tank pressureBar4.0-8.0


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