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CPD25 Electric Forklift
CPD25 Electric Forklift
CPD25 Electric Forklift
CPD25 Electric Forklift
CPD25 Electric Forklift

CPD25 Electric Forklift

Main Features

1. The forklift door frame is made of 20 manganese silicon channel steel to ensure the hardness of the door frame and prolong the service life of the entire door frame.
2. The forks are forged forks to ensure the strength of the fork and improve the safety factor. 
3. The intelligent electronic control system makes the vehicle control more refined and reduces the operating cost of the whole machine.


Detail Information

 Power type 
 Rated load KG2500
Load center distancemm500
Driving type
 Length    With fork              L1   mm3380
  Without fork       L22310
                    Whole Width              B1150
Height Height no lifting frame       H12000
   Top frame height                H22145
 Max Height     working         H33995
 Distance from seat to top light   L31020
Wheel  base              L41515
Front overhang         Y483
Back overhang         L5400
Front wheel tread        R970
Back wheel tread      P950
Min Floor clearance                 F135
Max lifting height                H3000
Free lifting height                H4170
Fork  changing                   S1024/200
Min Turning radius          WA2050
  Min Right angle aisle width          RA3760
  Frame angle   a/β(°)6°/12°
Max lifting speed without goodsmm/s380
Max lifting speed with full  goods280
Max speed without goodsKm/h15
Max speed with full goods14
 Max climbing angle≤15
 Whole machine weight Kg4200
Driving Wheel 
Tyre model
Solid tyre
Front Tyre 
Rear Tyre 
 Hand Brake 
Hydraulic Pedal
 Brake  type
Battery Volt/ capacityV/Ah48/500
Driving motor power Kw11.0AC
 pump power 12.0AC


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