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1. A backhoe loader, also called a loader backhoe, loader excavator, digger in layman's terms, or colloquially shortened to backhoe within the industry, is a heavy equipment vehicle that consists of a tractor-like unit fitted with a loader-style shovel/bucket on the front and a backhoe on the back.

2. Backhoe loaders are very common and can be used for a wide variety of tasks.
3. Their relatively small frame and precise control make backhoe-loaders very useful and common


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力工两头忙技术参数表 Technical Parametet Table for LGMC Backhoe Loader (Model:LC942-45)
一 总体尺寸 I.Overall Size五、发动机 V. Engine
1外形尺寸Dimensions (mm)6900x 2000x28001型号 Model云内4102增压  YUNNEI 4102
2轴距Wheelbase (mm)25502型式 Type水冷 涡轮增压式  Water Cooled and Turbo Charged 
3轮距  Tread (mm)15703额定功率 Rated Power (kW)76
4最小离地间隙Mini. Ground Clearance (mm)2704额定转速Rated Speed    (rpm) 2400
二、性能参数     II.Performance Parameter5气缸数-内径 Cylinder No.-Bore4-102
1系统压力System Pressure (Mpa) 28六、传动系统  VI.Transmission System
2整机重量 Total Weight (kg)65001变速箱 Gearbox动力换挡  Power Shift Type
3最高车速 Max. Travel Speed (km/h)382档位数 Gear Shift前2后2, 2F+2R 
4最大爬坡能力Max. Gradeablity (°)353液力变矩器 Torque Converter280分体高低速 YJ280 Split Type with Low-High Speed
5最小转弯半径 Min. Turning Radius (mm) 4250七、转向系统  VII. Steering System
三、挖掘参数 III. Excavator Part Parameters1型式 Type铰接全液压转向 Articulated Hydraulic Steering
1挖掘最大高度 Max. Digging Height (mm)56002转向角度 Turning Angle (°)38
2挖掘卸载高度 Max. Dumping Height (mm)4100八、桥   VIII.Drive Axle
3最大挖掘深度Max. Digging Depth (mm)30001型式 Type中轮边减速桥  Medium-Size Hub Reduction Axle
4最大挖掘半径Max. Digging Radius (mm)4800九、轮胎    IX. Tyre
5挖斗宽度 Width of Digging Bucket (mm)5001规格 Specifications16/70-20
6挖斗斗容 Volume of Digging Bucket  (m3)0.22行车制动service brake气顶油钳盘制动Air over Hydraulic Disc Brake 
7挖机回转角度 Arm Slewing Angle  (°)3603驻车制动 parking brake断气刹  Air Brake
四、装载参数  IV. Loader Part Parameters十、油量    X. Refuel Capacities
1最大卸载高度  Max. Dumping Height  (mm)35001燃油箱 Fuel Tank Capacity   (L)70
2装载最大举升高度 Max. Lifting Height (mm)47002液压油箱 Hydraulic Tank Cpacity  (L)70
3最大卸载距离 Max. Dumping Reach (mm)900十一、其他    XI.Others
4装斗宽度  Width of Loading Bucket (mm)20001驱动型式 Drive Means四轮驱动 Four-Wheel Drive
5装斗斗容  Volume of Loading Bucket (m3) 12变速型式 Transmission Type液力变速 Hydraulic Automatic

2刹车距离 Brake Distance (mm)7300


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