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1. A backhoe loader, also called a loader backhoe, loader excavator, digger in layman's terms, or colloquially shortened to backhoe within the industry, is a heavy equipment vehicle that consists of a tractor-like unit fitted with a loader-style shovel/bucket on the front and a backhoe on the back.

2. Backhoe loaders are very common and can be used for a wide variety of tasks.
3. Their relatively small frame and precise control make backhoe-loaders very useful and common


Detail Information

The Main Performance Parameter of Backhoe Loader LC30-25
整机操作重量Overall Operating Weight7640KG轮边减速型式Final Reducer一级轮边减速Single Stage Final Reducer
运输尺寸Transport Dimension额定桥载荷Rated Loader of Axle8.5t
长×宽×高mm L*W*H6170×2268×3760传动系统Transmission System
轴距 Wheel base2370mm变矩器Torque Converter
最小离地间隙 Min. Ground Clearance300mm型号ModelYJ280
装载斗容 Bucket Capacity1.0m3型式Type单级、单相三元件Single-stage Three Elements
掘起力Breakout Force58KN最高效率Max. Efficiency84.40%
装载举升能力Loading Lifting Capacity2500KG进口压力Inlet Pressure1.3Mpa—1.5 Mpa
铲斗卸载高度Bucket Dumping Height2770mm出口压力Outlet Pressure0.25Mpa—0.3 Mpa
铲斗卸载距离Bucket Dumping Distance925mm冷却方式Cooling Method油冷压力循环Oil-cooling Pressure Circulation
铲挖深度 Digging Depth2700mm变速箱Gearbox
反铲斗容Backhoe Capacity0.3m3型式Type定轴式动力换档Fixed Shaft Power Transmission
最大挖掘深度Max. Digging Depth4082mm离合器操纵油压Oil Pressure of Clutch1373Kpa—1569 Kpa
挖斗回转角Swing Angle of Excavator Grab190o档位数Gears前进2档,后退2档Two Gears Ahead, Two Gears Astern
最大牵引力Max. Pulling Force 65KN最高车速Max.Speed22Km/h
型号ModelYUCHAI  YC4A105Z-T20规格Model16/70-20
型式Type直列、直喷、四冲程、直喷燃烧室In Line Direct injection Four-Stroke and Injection Combustion Chamber前轮气压Pressure of Front wheel0.22 Mpa
气缸数-内径*行程Cylinder-Inside Diameter*Stroke4-108×132后轮气压Pressure of Back Wheel0.22 Mpa
额定功率Rated Power75KW制动系统Brake System
额定转速Rated Speed2200r/min行车制动Service Brake气顶油钳盘制动Air Over Oil Caliper Brake
最低燃油率Min. Fuel Consumption≤230g/km.h外置式External Type
转向系统Steering System驻车/紧急制动Emergency Brake操纵力实施制动Operation Power Implementing brake
转向器型号Model of Steering DeviceBZZ5-250手操纵力解除制动Manual Operation Power Terminating Brake
转向角Steering Angle±36 o液压系统Hydraulic System
最小转弯半径Min. turning radius5018mm挖斗挖掘力Digging Power of Excavator Grab60KN
系统压力Pressure of the system14Mpa斗杆挖掘力Digging Power of Dipper31KN
驱动桥Axle铲斗提升时间Bucket Lifting Time5.4S
生产厂家Manufacturer肥城车桥厂Feicheng Axle Factory铲斗下降时间Bucket Lowering Time3.1S
主传动型式Main Transmission Type双级减速式Double Reduction铲斗卸载时间Bucket Discharge Time2.0S


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